In Shanghai, there are many wonderful high end boutiques, which keep even the most fashioned shoppers happy.

For those having less budget, there are many special areas that have cool and interesting items worth wandering about. Explore the following streets, Shanghai will make every shopper satisfied.

1. Qipulu
Located at north of Waitan, Qipulu is nicknamed as “Cheap Road”. It’s famous for cheap but also many fashionable goods. It gains popularity among young girls.

2. Hong Kong Famous Shops Street
Located right beneath People’s Square, it is the 1st underground shopping street. Which stands out for novelty goods, clothes, accessories and make-ups.

3. Xujiahui
Around Xujiahui Subway station, there are many famous brand shops, also the largest digital product shopping malls Buynow and Pacific Digital Square.

4. Nanjinglu
The oldest shopping street in Shanghai. In Nanjinglu (west & east), you can also find modern malls and old stores of centuries.

5. Huaihailu
As famous as Nanjing Road, Huaihailu Road  has many elegant top-end designer brands all over the world.

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