In Shanghai, there are many fitness centers and sports gyms.

In order to maintain good condition, many business people take exercise in fitness centers. Recently air quality(like PM2.5) is not healthy, so joggers also tend to get exercise inside.

Below threes are the most popular fitness centers and sports gyms for foreigners who live in Shanghai.

1. Tera Wellness Club(Chinese name: 一兆韦德健身)
Lacation: 16 centers in Shanghai(Changning, Pudong, Hangpu, Jing’an, etc…)
Official website:

2. Wills(Chinese name: 威尔士健身)
Location:  25 centers in Shanghai(Changning, Pudong, Xuhui, Minghang, etc…)
Official Website:

3. Physical(Chinese name: 舒适堡)
Location:  5 centers in Shanghai(Huangpu, Xuhui, Yangpu, etc…)
Official Website:

* “Fitness center” is called “健身房” (jian4 shen1 fang2) in Mandarin Chinese.