In shanghai, anytime anywhere you can learn Mandarin Chinese. If you take our Mandarin tutor's lessons, you don't need to attend Chinese school at a fixed time.

Special features

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Free trial lesson

You can meet our tutors and experience our lesson style at no cost. See if you like our Mandarin tutor service!

Choice of tutor

If you are not completely satisfied with your tutor, you can change at anytime.

Dedicated adviser

A dedicated adviser is assigned to each customer. Your adviser can handle questions about learning Chinese, requests for your lesson or changing your tutor.

Highly Skilled Tutors

Teaching in English

All tutors can provide Chinese lessons in English. Don’t worry if you are a beginner!

Tutors with business experience

If you would like to learn business conversation, we will provide a tutor with real business experience. Learn practical and useful business conversation.

Strict testing and training of our tutors

We provide tutors with excellent communication skills, Mandarin pronunciation, and English ability. Our tutors are continually trained to improve their teaching skills.

Reasonable Tuition

No entrance or introduction fees

We only charge for tuition and textbooks. You don’t need to pay any other fees.

Inexpensive minimum tuition

Our minimum tuition unit comes at only 20 hours. There is no need to pay high amounts of money like at other Chinese teaching schools.

Refund system

In case of cancellation, we will refund any remaining tuition fees (with receipt).

Take our free trial lesson!

If you are interested in our Mandarin tutor service, take our free trial lesson. Based on your requests, we will select a suitable tutor and arrange the lesson.

*This month, the first 20 applicants will receive a free textbook. Don’t miss out!

Trial Lesson Application 

If you have any questions about our trial lesson, please feel free to contact us.

Please feel free to contact us TEL 021-5237-7582 Mon to Sun 9:00~21:00

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